7 SeeEnergy

ENERGY today flows invisibly into our building environments


and onto our monthly utility bills.

NOT KNOWING what is on the bill is the root cause of 3-unknown

the largest financial, operational and environmental risk we face today.

NEW KNOWLEDGE is now readily available on the energy we need before it is billed 4-known

The energy feedback conversation is continuous and interactive, providing the relevant information required to manage.

FEEDBACK is immediate, situational making visible your energy flow and usage throughout the day every day. 7-feedback

The green curve represents the energy you use today when working.

The rest is the business case for changing to Responsive Environment experience.

Go Live at any time or place and effect meaningful change to your environment, it’s cost, operation and environmental impact. Feel the empowerment with this new knowledge app.


For the whole building environment

Engage in the conversation about your whole building environment


The NEW KNOWLEDGE APP integrates and transforms energy information for your resource center, visualizing and trending your effectiveness.

Join the conversation challenge “where were we at 3:00 AM and why are we still using 80% of our peak”?

THIS IS WHAT WE DO provide the energy knowledge you need to be effective and engaged. As a Resource Center individual you daily enter our building environment and have productive and seamless sessions. The systems respond making a Responsive Environment when they return to being off when you no longer need them.


Today they remain on and this is what we all need to change.

Thank you for engaging.