4 Infrastructure

Every device needs energy

Today’s buildings are specification built and commissioned to be “on”.

Everything and everybody uses the power network.

The digitization of this network provides unique productivity feedback information

When and who is in the building is dynamic, constantly changing, making today’s planning models time challenged and obsolete.

All is connected to the building’s power distribution system, but we don’t know what, or when the organization needs it.

The digital network creates this synergy.

Positional Energy Mapping of Perspectives

We can now “google” resource information from several conversations and locations.

  • The Overall Responsive Environment
  • Engagement on the 7TH Floor Measures
  • Resources Centers, Organizations within the building
  • All the Connected Systems

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Whole Environment Power and Light Whole Environment School of Management Trending School of Management Systems Plug All Floors Plug AA Zone Light Normal All Floors Light ATS All Floors Cooling & Heating Co-operative Education Faculty of Arts Multimedia Delivery