1 Risk


Not knowing what is on the bill, is a business risk.

There is a communications gap between today’s digital organization and the infrastructure within buildings.

This information gap and productivity loss can be unknowingly SIGNIFICANT.

SeeWind Design builds networks, to measure, target and provide verified control, that improves the business of digital infrastructures for today’s digital organization.

SeeWind Design (SDC)

  • “See Wind” as to see and experience information for true experience builds knowledge.
  • “Design” based on this Information is responsive to people, their surroundings and environment.

SDC believes in challenging the status quo, in thinking differently about how we use resources and energy through rapidly deployed wireless information measures.

We enable energy information and provide communication design products for the whole building environment.

SDC’s engagement and communication systems are used to measure, design, build out digital organizations and their digital infrastructure; the digital network.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, SDC was founded in 1994 to build immersive information experiences. Today’s buildings have become this experience’s framework.

We believe that the proliferation of ‘big data’, coupled with new computing technologies and techniques, is providing the foundation to fundamentally change how organizations and their infrastructures become productive.

We’re very excited to be at the forefront of making energy visible.